Hillsboro Power of Attorney and Advance Directive Attorneys

Do You Need a Power of Attorney or Advance Health Care Directive?

Do the right thing. Don't make your loved ones make tough decisions about your medical treatment or final financial dealings at a time of extreme emotional distress. By having an advance health care directive or giving a member of your family a power of attorney, your family will be able to follow your wishes and avoid possible disputes and litigation.

McNeil & Goldstein, LLC, is ready to help you with your full range of estate planning and probate law needs. Attorney James Goldstein has been helping people protect their estates and deal with end-of-life legal matters for more than 15 years. Mr. Goldstein will offer you sound legal advice and promises compassionate and responsive representation.

Contact us to arrange a private meeting with Mr. Goldstein to discuss:

  • The advantages of a power of attorney
  • What decisions you can include in an advance health care directive
  • Writing your will
  • Ways to set up a trust that will benefit your heirs now, and after your death
  • How to meet your charitable giving planning goals
  • How your family will deal with creditors and finances after your death
  • Establishing a plan in the event you cannot handle your own financial affairs
  • Setting up the proper business succession plan to keep your business in the family

In addition, our firm is also ready to help your family with the complex legal details following the death of a loved one. Mr. Goldstein provides a full range of probate services, including:

  • Contested will litigation and dispute resolution
  • Estate administration, dealing with creditors
  • Testate and Intestate probate
  • Executor legal counsel
  • Will administrator, appointed family representative

Contact our offices in Hillsboro, Oregon, to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your need for a power of attorney, advance health care directive or any other estate planning issue.