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Determining Appropriate Financial Support for Children

Do you want to know how much child support you will receive or have to pay after you divorce? Have you lost your job and are having trouble paying child support? Is your former spouse not paying the child support ordered by the court?

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Calculation of Child Support in Oregon

In Oregon, the amount of child support is determined by considering a number of factors, including:

  • The percentage of parenting time (overnights) each parent has with the child or children
  • Each parent's income
  • Whether or not spousal support is paid
  • Child care and daycare costs
  • Whether there are non-joint children
  • Out-of-pocket costs for health insurance
  • Whether any children have regular recurring medical expenses

In most cases, child support is calculated by using Oregon's Child Support Calculator that is based on Oregon's Child Support Guidelines.

If you will be paying or receiving child support in a divorce or paternity action, it is important that you work with a lawyer who knows how to use the Oregon Child Support Calculator to come up with the accurate amount of presumed child support. Our family law attorneys know how to determine the correct figures to use when calculating child support payments.

When the Child Support Guidelines Amount Isn't Fair

Even though a presumed amount of child support is calculated under the guidelines, there are exceptions the court can consider. In certain circumstances, the court can award a higher or lower amount depending on special circumstances such as:

  • A child's special needs due to a health condition or disability
  • Special education needs (e.g. the child attends a private school with high tuition)
  • The financial resources of an affluent parent or family member
  • Anticipated financial difficulties

We can address difficult and complicated issues related to child support, including:

Income calculation issues: Sometimes it can be difficult to accurately determine income in cases of self-employment, overtime pay, a family-owned business, stock options, bonuses and other deferred compensation.

Change of child support: When there is a significant change of circumstances — such as job loss, increased income, decreased income or changing needs — we can help parents bring a modification motion to increase or decrease child support.

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