Hillsboro Collaborative Law Attorneys

Every divorce is different and every family has unique needs. Sometimes an aggressive lawyer with a killer instinct is what a client wants. However, particularly in divorces involving children, sometimes a gentler touch and a collaborative approach is more effective.

If you are looking to avoid aggression and want to work collaboratively during your divorce, we can help you. At McNeil & Goldstein, LLC, our Hillsboro collaborative law lawyers, Kenneth McNeil and James Goldstein, have more than 45 years of combined experience helping clients through the divorce process in Oregon.

For compassionate and attentive legal counsel, contact our Oregon dispute resolution attorneys. We offer a wide range of divorce options to meet your needs and help you get through this process as amicably as possible.

Working Together to Resolve Your Divorce Issues

Our attorneys understand the benefits of collaboration. While we cannot represent both spouses in a divorce, we will work with the other side, whether or not he or she has legal counsel, to reach a common goal.

While our client's interests are paramount, divorce doesn't have to be about conflict. Even if your spouse has his or her own attorney, we will work to solve the problems together and not aggravate the situation. If litigation becomes absolutely necessary, however, we will be prepared to stand up for your interests in court.

Whether through mediation or collaborative negotiation, our attorneys can help you with every aspect of your divorce, including:

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