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If there has been a breakdown in your marriage, you might feel as if divorce is your only option. However, Oregon law allows couples to file for legal separation, which can provide several advantages over a complete dissolution of marriage. At McNeil & Goldstein, located in Hillsboro, our experienced family law attorneys will discuss your situation and go over the many options you might have.

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Why Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce?

Filing for legal separation is, in many ways, very similar to filing for divorce. The paperwork, procedure and costs are nearly identical, but the end result is that the two individuals remain legally married — just separated.

So why would someone want to file for legal separation over ending his or her marriage? There are many reasons, which include:

  • Health insurance: Legal separation may allow for the retention of health insurance benefits through a spouse's employer.
  • Military benefits: Military couples receive significant benefits after being married for 10 years under the USFSPA.
  • Social Security: Certain Social Security benefits kick in after a marriage has existed for 10 years.
  • Religious conflict: Certain religious beliefs will not allow couples to obtain a full divorce, making legal separation the best available option.
  • Time: Legal separation allows couples time apart before pursuing a divorce. This allows couples to determine whether divorce is what they truly want. At the end of the separation period, it is possible for your separation agreement to be converted into a final divorce agreement.

Other reasons for pursuing legal separation in lieu of divorce include jurisdictional complications, support for children, financial considerations and preserving an estate.

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