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Are you thinking about divorce and wondering if you will be able to keep your house? Do you have questions about how your pension or 401(k) retirement account will be divided? Are you worried about whether you will have enough money to pay off your debts in the divorce? At McNeil & Goldstein, you will find experienced, helpful attorneys who can provide answers to your questions and address your concerns.

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How Is Marital Property Divided in Oregon?

In Oregon, the general rule is that unless there is a prenuptial agreement, all property accumulated during the marriage is marital property. It doesn't matter whose name the property is in, or whether one spouse purchased it on his or her own. Oregon law presumes that both spouses contributed to the asset and it is subject to division.

In the event of a divorce, all marital property is split between the husband and the wife in an equitable or fair manner. Equitable division can mean an equal split, but in some cases other factors result in one spouse receiving more or less of the marital property. Of course, every rule has exceptions. Some property may be considered a spouse's individual property, such as:

  • An inheritance (inherited by only one spouse)
  • A gift (given to only one spouse)
  • Property that a spouse had prior to the marriage

What is a marital asset and what is an individual asset is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce.

High-Asset Property Division in Oregon

Wealthy couples, especially couples who have a family-owned business, should always have an experienced divorce attorney on their side. Uncovering hidden assets/income, properly valuing a company's worth, and fairly dividing retirement assets are vital to successful resolution of your family law dispute.

Protecting Your Property Rights in a Divorce

Our family law attorneys understand the law regarding property division in Oregon. More importantly, we know the exceptions to the general rule. We can help you reach a fair division of the property and debt accumulated during your marriage — through either agreement, divorce mediation or litigation.

We have the skills and knowledge to handle property division in divorces involving modest assets as well as those with complicated and large financial estates. Our firm has experience handling identifying, valuing and dividing all kinds of marital assets, including:

  • Homes, cabins and other real estate
  • Cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles
  • 401(k), IRA and other retirement accounts
  • Pensions and defined benefit plans
  • Bonuses, stock options and other deferred compensation
  • Privately owned businesses and professional practices
  • Furniture, antiques, furs, jewelry and other personal property

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