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Over the previous several years, Oregon family law judges have been changing the way they apply alimony laws. In the case of marriages of short duration, awarding permanent spousal support has nearly disappeared.

Temporary support for job training or education may be awarded in the event one spouse can show that he or she was unable to work or gain job skills outside of the home because of living arrangements. Permanent support is generally reserved for a spouse in a marriage of extremely long duration. The requesting spouse must show a direct dependence on the other spouse for his or her financial needs over the course of the marriage.

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Alimony Decisions Are Made Based on Your Unique Circumstances

No two spousal support cases are the same because every divorce brings a unique set of circumstances to court. If you are considering a divorce in which spousal maintenance will be an important factor, get straight answers. The attorneys of McNeil & Goldstein have been representing clients in divorce in Washington County and Multnomah County for many years. We know how the courts apply the law, and we know the strategies involved in handling alimony issues fairly.

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Alimony Guidance From Experienced Advocates

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